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Meet The Crew

About Us

Better Than Most SCUBA offers SCUBA instruction for all levels, SCUBA diving reef trips, advanced diving and more including spearfishing and lobstering!  Private charters are available to customize your vacation experience in the Fabulous Florida Keys! 

Name: Schwenke (yes that’s his real name)

Favorite Watersport: Diving

Schwenke has been diving for most of his life. He has been a PADI Course director for over 20 years. He started in the lakes of upstate New York and made his way down to the Florida Keys just after college. He has trained thousands of new divers and dive professionals over the years and is still enjoying the job today. His attitude about diving elevates Better Than Most Watersports above all, as he is determined to make sure that every diver feels confident and comfortable in their skills before they earn their certification. You’re not only in Better Than Most hands with Schwenke, you’re in the best hands.

If it involves the Miami Dolphins or Star Wars, you’ll have a spirited conversation going with Schwenke. He is THE biggest fan. He is also an avid hunter, enjoying spearfishing and lobstering as well as taking trips to hunt with his dad up North to fill the freezer.


Favorite Watersport: Diving

Jeanie has been diving for over 15 years and has been a dive professional for over 10 years. She started in Nebraska in college and then did a lot of cold water diving in San Diego before settling into Florida. Finding the warm water and wildlife agreeable she moved to the Florida Keys in 2015 and never left. She has dove notable wrecks such as the USS Oriskany and the Yukon but is happiest on the reef surrounded by fish. Trained by the best you are in great hands with Jeanie. She has a patient and understanding teaching style though you might get “mommed” occasionally. She makes sure that all of her students and divers are ready and confident!

In addition to just diving, Jeanie enjoys spearfishing. There is nothing like fresh seafood! She also enjoys cooking and baking. She is the resident morning person here at Better Than Most Watersports but definitely addicted to coffee.

Captain Dan

Favorite Watersport: Diving

Captain Dan has been diving most of his life and has been a dive professional and captain for over 7 years. He started diving in Michigan and has been all over the world since, diving in the Outer Banks, South China Sea, Indonesia, San Diego, and plenty more. His experience as a diver and a captain makes him an invaluable member of the Better Than Most crew! When Captain Dan is driving the boat you know it’s going to be a Better Than Most trip. He doesn’t mind getting soggy so you can count on him to always be there lending a hand to every diver and snorkeler!

Captain Dan is a former Marine, where he earned his nickname “Doc.” He is a huge football fan, and an awesome dad and husband. He’s been married to his outstanding and beautiful wife, Casey, for over 25 years and they have two amazing kids who are now a Marine and a nurse.


Elliott A.K.A Savage Llama!

Favorite Watersport: Diving

Elliott has been snorkeling since he was 3. He’s so happy to be old enough to SCUBA dive! He’ll tell you all you ever wanted to know about the local wildlife, especially sharks!

Elliott is a KEYS kid! He loves swimming and riding his bike. He’s the coolest kid to hang out with tourists. He loves to show off his knowledge. He might be a bigger fan of Star Wars than Schwenke but it’s a close call. You’ll find that he is definitely Mr. Personality! His “alter ego” is Savage Llama but he’s actually super sweet.”

The Diane Marie

The Diane Marie is a Coast Guard Certified vessel. She is a 38ft Delta, custom designed for diving and snorkeling with a low swim platform and a deep water ladder for easy entry and exits. She is designated for up to 20 passengers, so you’re guaranteed a comfortable ride without the crowds. There is no other boat like the Diane Marie in the Florida Keys! She is truly Better Than Most.